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Free Solar Design:

Please complete the Free Quote form on this page to receive a solar design customized for your home.

NextEnergy offers a wide variety of financing solutions through SunPower and other financing partners:

  1. Zero Down Lease - for $0 down well install a SunPower solar array that will save you hundreds of dollars each year and add thousands to the equity value of your home.
  2. Prepaid Lease - you make one payment only up front and for the next 20 years your monthly lease cost is $0.
  3. Purchase - either pay cash or finance the ownership of your array and keep the tax benefits and rebates.
  4. Partial Deposit - you put down a fraction of the prepaid lease amount and make small monthly lease payments.
  5. Same as Cash - NextEnergy makes your lease payments for you in the 1st year of operation.

Financing approval is done in seconds and we can usually get your array installed within a few weeks of you deciding to move forward.  Its fast, easy and no hassle.

Why continue to pay more for your energy costs every year? Install a NextEnergy solar array now - you will be glad you did!